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My name is Bruce Piasecki, author of New York Times bestseller Doing More With Less.



"So much for industry, my friends, and attention to one's own business; but to these we must add frugality, if we would make our industry more certainly successful."

—Benjamin Franklin

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1. STOP wasting time, energy & resources.

Truly impactful people like Benjamin Franklin, Gandhi, and Abraham Lincoln were frugal with their time, resources and friends, which made their ascent possible.


2. Find loyalty.

Loyalty is being honest; work to create lasting relationships and product. Loyalty is more valuable than compounded interest in most financial institutions today. 


 Social Capital 

3. Play hard.

True leaders understand the difference between playing hurt and playing hard. They gain more value in social capital than any amount of financial capital.

Financial Capital 

4. Be innovative.

Innovation is the big brother in the family of competition. Working well beyond the mean is having the ability to develop a more creative, better made, beautiful product with less than your competitors. We must also choose better products in order to help support better capitalism. 


5. Make

6. Grow

7. Live

  • Be industrious and humble.
  • Identify new opportunities for efficiency.
  • Avoid debt and excess; manage finances with frugality.
  • anticipate and address change; align people and rules to make money
  • Take pleasure in the simple things. 
  • Understand yourself in a global context.

8. Think of wealth as an enrichment of life, rather than just moneymaking.

9. Opportunity abounds from realignment of money, people, and rules.

Money comes as a result of working with different kinds of people and working within the confines of society and its defined rules.


10. Be discerning.

There is a daily battle between social response capitalists and speculative capitalists

We must be discerning and invest in firms of higher efficiency — firms that do more with less.

Doing more with less is success.

A frugal and fair approach to business prepares you for life.

All the books of Bruce Piasecki contain passages of sportive seriousness. His style of personal narrative derives from the wit and serious content found in American writing from Ben Franklin to his mentor Tom Wolfe. Look at Franklin’s Autobiography, it is influential to what you see in Piasecki’s twenty something books. Tom Wolfe is more flamboyant, but the influence is there. Thus these string of jokes to add to the “doing more with less guy” pages:

On Piasecki’s daily routine of writing and exercise:

“If God wanted us to bend over. He would have put diamonds on the floor.”
—Joan Rivers, American Comedienne

On Piasecki’s deep faith about the proximity of death to life:

Direct mantra—
"Dying is easy but a life of sustained sportive seriousness in books and deeds is hard.”

On Piasecki’s certainty that competitive frugality allows better sex and compounded interests:

“When choosing sexual partners remember—Talent is not sexually transmittable”
—Tina Fey, American actress/comedian
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